Rainfall-Runoff Simulation using Remote Sensing and GIS Tool

management programs that can better safeguard the alarmingly degradation of soil and water resources in Lao PDR. Reliable predictions of the quantity and rate of runoff from land surface into streams, rivers and water bodies are needed to support decision makers in developing watershed management plans for better soil andGet price

Application of Resource Information Technologies (GIS/GPS/RS

Laos "The Use of Geographic Information Systems for Soil Survey and Land Evaluation." Inthavong Thavone , National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute, Soil Survey and Land Classification Center (Laos) 38 "Application of Remote Sensing and GIS for Forest Cover Monitoring in Lao PDR."Get price


GIS-NET is the newest tool created to provide the Public with spatial tools and planning and zoning information in the UNINCORPORATED areas of Los Angeles County. It was developed by the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning(DRP) GIS Section. This application replaces a previous application that was in service for many years.Get price

Staff - WCS Laos

Her technical expertise ranges from geographic information system (GIS) and biostatical modelling to biodiversity monitoring and project management. She also has experience in assisting the development of protected area management plans for protected areas in Laos (i.e., Nam Kading, Nam Nyouang, Laving - La Vuen and Khounxe – Nongma).Get price

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Department of Regional Planning 320 West Temple Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 T: (213) 974-6411 . F: (213) 626-0434 TDD: (213) 617-2292Get price


Figure 1.1 Geographical location of Lao People’s Democratic Republic Figure 3.1 Lao PDR Transport infrastructure map from Lao PDR Transport Brief by Alberto Nogales, May 1, 2004 version Figure 4.1 DMH Headquarters at Vientiane Capital Figure 4.2 Organization Structure of DMH Figure 4.3 DMH on open house for elementary and secondary studentsGet price

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Esri Hub site for LA County Enterprise GIS for the purposes of sharing and visualizing spatial data for LA County users and the public.Get price

Radio Network Planning in ArcGIS - GIS Mapping Software

GIS based Network Analysis GIS technology provides advanced geo-statistical analysis, reporting and visualization capabilities. It complements Cellular Expert software with technologies which allow integration of location-based data in network planning and operations, customer care, sales and marketing, as well as many other tasks.Get price

Machine Learning for Planetary Science - 1st Edition

He is an expert in data analysis, GIS spatial analysis and databases for scientific purposes. Currently, he is the Data Archive and Handling Manager for the MERTIS instrument on the BepiColombo mission at the PF-DLR. He was involved in ESAMars and Venus Express Mission as CoI, Data Archive Manager and Calibration Manager for the PFS experiment.Get price

Incorporating Fisher’s Local Knowledge into Geographical

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) have the capability of storing, analysing and manipulating information in various ways and can be used to integrate these two knowledge systems. In this research the focus is on small-scale fisheries management in Khong District, Champasack province. GIS will be applied as the main tool for data analysis andGet price

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Sensor Calibration – Our laboratory was certified as a sensor calibration laboratory after an independent inspection and assessment on behalf of a U.S. Department of Energy contractor. Our sensor calibration services include heat dissipation sensors, TDR s, pressure transducers, water content reflectometers, psychrometers, gypsum blocks, andGet price

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Apr 20, 2021 · Minimum of seven (7) years of progressively responsible experience in the field of GIS, which includes digitizing, mapping, and data analysis, preferably in hazard mapping, watershed management, forestry, or a related field, including at least two years, working experience with government agencies and/or international organizations.Get price


Quality Management System Certification (if available) Conformity Documents (test reports, quality certificates, analysis reports, etc…) Final invoice (required to issue AC) To obtain evidence that all requirements are met in the applicable standards or technical regulations, goods must undergo one or aGet price


Act. Director Lao National Mekong Committee. - Review of the Laos Mekong River Committee in activities in flood forecasting and flood management. 9:30-10:00. Mr. Martin Smith. FAO Senior Officer. - Options Flood Management and Mitigation and findings of the FAO TCP project. 10:00-10:30. Coffee Break.Get price

Asset Management Guidance and Best Practices

Asset management is the management of the physical components of a drinking water or wastewater system and can include: pipe, valves, tanks, pumps, wells, hydrants, treatment facilities, and any other components that make up the system. While asset management planning can also include humanGet price

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LAGO Consulting Services offers services in water resources and environmental consulting and operates from its office in Tampa, FL. Lago Consulting is registered in the State of Florida and holds all necessary Licenses and Liability insurances.Get price

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Dec 20, 2020 · The Digital Coast was developed to meet the unique needs of the coastal management community. The website provides coastal data, and the tools, training, and information needed to make these data truly useful.Get price

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Once the layer is selected, click on the Ready to Select button below to hide this window. Once the window is gone, you can click on the map to choose which polygon, from the above selected source layer, to use to query the active layer you have selected in the upper right.Get price

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What Is Lidar?Data ProcessingVisualizing Lidar DataConclusionLIDAR is an active remote sensing technique that measures distances with unprecedented accuracy. Similar to RADAR, it is typically an airborne optical remote-sensing technique, although ground-based and space-borne systems do exist. Shorter wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum, typically in the ultraviolet, visible or near-infrared are transmitted at frequencies up to 150 kilohertz (kHz). The return signal is then recorded either as discrete values or in full waveform over multiple returns. This allows mapping of the forest canopy surface, the tree structure, as well as the underlying topography. LIDAR’s principle advantage lies in its ability to capture data in a dense field, capturing up to five points per meter with the ability to penetrate forest canopies and map topography as well. This capability is unique to LIDAR and cannot be reproduced using other remote sensing techniques. The bottom line is that LIDAR produces canopy height, tree volume and topography estimations...Get price

Solid Waste Management in Urban Areas of Vientiane Capital

30th WEDC International Conference, Vientiane, Lao PDR, 2004 PEOPLE-CENTRED APPROACHES TO WATER AND ENVIRONMENTAL SANITATION Solid Waste Management in Urban Areas of Vientiane Capital City using GIS V. Sengtianthr, Lao PDR The purpose of this project was to research solid waste management in urban areas of Vientiane Capital City; to surveyGet price

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Geotechnical Engineering. Geotechnical, geoenvironmental and geopavement resources for planning, design, construction and maintenance of the North Carolina highway system.Get price

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Maximo Calibration. Calibrate tools and measurement equipment with this add-on, which provides requirements for traceability, calibration history data, calibration data sheets and required reporting. Visualize information through a geospatial context of work that shows assets and relevant land-based features.Get price

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Atmospheric Environment. 47-241–251. Krishna Prasad Vadrevu, Evan Ellicott, K.V.S. Badarinath and Eric Vermote.2011.MODIS derived fire characteristics and aerosol optical depth variations during the agricultural residue burning season, North India. Environmental Pollution.159, (6)1560–1569.Get price

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Open Data. The mission of Saint Louis CountyOpen Data platforms is to provide accurate, consistent, and accessible data.Get price

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State Primary Road System (SPRS) Data, Maps, and Listings. Summarizes state-maintained route mileage by roadway system for each county and highway district; the report is updated quarterly (January, April, July and October). If you need a more current listing, please contact us .Get price

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Monday Friday 8am 4 30pmGISCourthouse 101 Fillmore StreetPreston, MN 55965 GIS Interactive Maps and Land InformationFillmore County and Schneider Geospacial, the GIS Geographic Information Systems contracted service, work closely together to provide a variety of services. The objective of the GIS office is to develop, implement, and maintain a GIS database for the county departments, localGet price

FAO hiring National Consultant on GIS/RS and Data Management

Familiarity with GIS scripting languages and web services management; Familiarity with UN administrative operations is an asset. Language requirement: Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Lao; General knowledge and skills in the use of standard office software, such as MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point). Job PostingGet price